About Us

Sound, Lighting, Video and automation systems working in our company operates on a project basis. The products used in projects, compatible with international standards, CE, ISO-2000 norms are mainly exported to America and Europe. Optionally, the same standards for cost-effective solutions selected, tested, applying products to the Far East in the same period of time covered by the warranty. Conference rooms, hotels, entertainment units, Dolby digital cinema applications, discotheques and night clubs, sound, lighting, video, and remote control (automation) systems, applications, 3D applications outside of the LCD projector and video presentations, hardware and software services, DIGITAL SIGNAGE (video advertising and routing systems) have been operating on. IEB-BUS intelligent building automation control protocol of products which are very important in common areas, lounges, outdoor lighting, etc.. applications, as well as have been operating in the fields of DMX controlled LED lighting.