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The project anywhere with Electronic Sound and Lighting! References.

Dj Mixers

Is connected to the two turntable'in, audio, bass, fade, where the basic settings, such as, in fact, all the mix is controlled unit. Thanks Dj mixer can deliver radio broadcasts. Automatic song transitions listeners cherish the perfect music enjoyment. Compressor / Limiter up with how much you push automatic sound set-key voice can increase so much, you can announce Talk over property between songs.

Mixers mp3, wav formats çalıştırabilirdi mixers etc. can easily add songs from your computer with the Add button. With the left button of the mouse in the mixer after adding songs, select the song you can move up and down. The list of songs played songs in this manner in order to avoid press Cycle Once opened, the list starts to play again from the beginning. Dj mixer so that the mixed songs list songs to sound mix Rnd press.

A song you do not want to play the current track or faulty switch to the next song, press Skip. Press the Pause button to stop the songs. If you do not want to rest Pause After switching to another song after song Click Song button.

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    The best quality sound,Automation,Display,Security And light systems barkovizyonlar,dj mixer,teleconference and overhead like products you can find the best prices.

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