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Everywhere with Electronic Sound and Lighting Project! References.


Done in black and white or color overhead transparencies data screen by zooming in on the board on the wall that reflects the educational tool. English top-head, which means "overhead" comes from the word. The most useful and appealing to the eye and the ear the most common tool.

In a magnifying glass, a mirror, a device with a powerful light bulb.The data is placed on the transparent glass has a face on the box. Arm attached to the tip of the device on the mirror / magnifying glass are available. During the course of the glass surface with a special pen and eraser Overhead overwritten deleted and can be used repeatedly drawn. Very clear, bright and gives a great picture quality. Overhead is easy to use and can be used in bright areas. Transparencies used are inexpensive and can be used over and over again as soon as prepared.

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    Top-quality audio, automation, video, security and lighting systems barkovizyonlar, dj mixers, teleconferencing and the best prices you can find products such as overhead projectors.

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