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Everywhere with Electronic Sound and Lighting Project! References.


The meeting by talking to people in different areas from each other and talk, or used as a video communication tool. Teleconference communication technology, which is part of satellites, fiber optic lines or data on a conventional two-sided as would alternate. Satellites used for transfer of data from one area to another in a short time makes a huge amount of space. ”Remote sensing” a lot of research is carried out on the whole world techniques. Include works such as weather forecasts.

For example, a conference group of people have noted, the caller directed to Customer representatives. Although the participants in different places away from the transmission of image and sound to talk to each other, negotiating the electronic conference is set to deploy a single to exceed a certain IP block certain IPs manually, some of which can be distributed with DHCP. DNS aliases, such as the Internet TCP / IP networks, the use of computers and services are used for simple names to be called.
DNS services to your application writes the name of a DNS name, such as the name associated with the IP address resolves to create other data. The office of an incredible opportunity for people with dual Internet line that can use both lines at the same time as the first line is interrupted by switching to the second or even directly affect users' Internet outages are prevented.

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